Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Worse weather, better attitude

Well it certainly is getting colder up here in the NORTH! I am about to experience the season of a lifetime. I'm not sure I am ready. I am also not sure there is any type of preparation for temperatures in the teens, freezing wind gusts, and tons of snow. So far, winter is holding off a little bit. Apparently, things have been pretty mild so far, seeing as it is the middle of December and we have hardly seen so much as a flurry around here! I am secretly excited for snow and will be a little upset if I don't have white Christmas in Boston! I have one in Texas last year!! 

I have been in a much better mood lately, which has been nice. I am not really sure why but things have been looking up. Maybe it's the overall joyful feeling that the Christmas season brings. Whatever it may be, I'm not complaining. However, I haven't been enjoying quite as much as I should be. I keep sleeping half the day away! I have been so tired lately. I feel a little useless only working a few shifts a week and not having much else to do. Somehow I still manage to be exhausted. I think it may be one of those things where I am over-sleeping which is having a negative effect. It also isn't great because I am so behind on a lot of things: project 365, bills, thank you notes from the wedding (oops), cleaning. Hmmm. I guess I should stop my extended sleeping hours and naps and get to work! It is really hard to get motivated with hardly 8 hours of light and gloomy skies. I think this is why people are so grumpy up here! hah! Luckily, I have come out of my grumpy spell and am just tired. I would really like to find another job. That is in the works right now but it hasn't really been a fruitful search.

Rent is officially starting up! We had auditions and now have an almost complete cast list. We have a get-together this week that I am really excited about. I can't wait to be involved in a show again. Although I really love the directing/choreographing side, I do really miss performing. Either way, I am glad to be back in a theatre. I am also excited to meet some more people close to my age with common interests. I only know a handful of people here and it gets a little lonely, as I have vividly expressed in recent blogs. I will probably write more about the auditions/casting experience on my other blog on my website (www.chelcyharrell.com) very soon. 

Ben is just about finished with finals and Christmas break starts soon for him. I am excited to see him more! I feel like I see him less than anyone else and I live with him! We got our tree up and our first presents underneath it. I can't wait for our first Christmas together. It will be special. As far as the animals go, not much has changed. They are still crazy and obnoxious but we love them so much!! They keep us smiling and they never cease to entertain us!

That is all for now. Ben just got home from school so I am going to spend some time with him and get off the computer!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

You wanna know the truth...

I am really bad at updating this mainly because I don't have anything to say. Nothing is going on in my life. Absolutely nothing. I have graduated from student to average american adult with a lame job that isn't fulfilling. My life officially has no purpose. I am trying to stay positive and look at things with a broader view but it's not working. I can't just "have a better attitude." There isn't a better attitude switch anywhere. I feel like I would just be lying to myself.

I guess the real reason I haven't written in so long is not because I don't have anything to say. I don't have anything positive to say which has led me to the conclusion that blogs are pointless. It isn't an online journal of your thoughts. Bull. It is an online public proclamation how of happy and wonderful you can make everyone else think your life is. Because let's be honest, who wants to read a blog full of complaining or negativity?

 So what brings me here today? Why am I choosing to be "that guy" that writes depressing, emo posts that no one reads anyway? Well, the truth is I don't have anyone else to talk to. I have no friends here. I really don't have many friends period. I know there are people who would be there for me but they have so much on their plate anyway that they don't need to hear my problems OR the people I have that I could talk to would say "Aww Chelcy, it's ok. It will get better. Just have a better attitude." Well I don't need to hear that. It hasn't gotten better, it doesn't look promising and now because of that, how can I just HAVE a better attitude. People don't just HAVE things. The ones lucky enough to JUST HAVE things take them for granted anyway. I am so tired of trying so hard. Can something fall in my lap just once, please?

I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I can truly say that. But honestly, all we do is bicker these days and I know it's mostly my fault for being so negative. I would bicker with me to if I had to live with myself. I am just screwing up left and right and I am completely unmotivated, bored, tired, lonely and overall, if you wanna know the truth, I am completely unhappy.

So until I have something nice to say, I am not going to say anything at all... see you when I have something good to report.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Reason I Sing

I have recently discovered this new Christian artist whom I LOVE! His name is Jimmy Needham. I love his style, his voice, his lyrics, his heart, his message and I could go on and on! This song especially speaks to me because it has a message that has always been really important in my life and happens to follow one of my favorite verses Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, do it full-heartedly unto the Lord and not unto men."  This not only is applicable for performing but also important to remember in everyday tasks in life and something I have often lost sight of lately in both aspects of my life. 

If it’s just to top a song chart 
To feed the kids and get a bigger car 
The sky’s already got enough stars
And they all sing Your name
And if I’m here to write a number one
To get a gold or maybe platinum
 Make me a singer who is unsung
'Cause You won’t share Your fame 

'Cause even accolades some day will fade away
Just like me
Yes, everything but You 
Many years from now it won’t matter how
Why I write the rhymes I do
Help me get back to the reason I sing for You

I’m always looking for the limelight
To dim the house and make the stages bright
Compared to You I’m just a nightlight
Against the blazing Sun
I enter rooms and hope they notice me
To fill my social insecurities
I’m asking is there any hope for me?
'Cause there’s only room here for one 

Why are we so convinced a bigger audience
Is simply common sense to have? 
Maybe success is measured best by nothing less than our obedience 

So if I'm destined for a small stage 
The small crowds and the small pay
And maybe even in a small way
I can bring You fame 

'Cause even accolades some day will fade away
Just like me
Yes, everything but You 
Many years from now it won’t matter how
Why I write the rhymes I do
Help me get back to the reason I sing for You

Listen to the song

Check him out! He is amazing. He has 3 albums out and you should buy them all. Friend him on facebook! He is really nice and always has really uplifting statuses! 

Click for his website!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going cRaZy!

Ok folks...well...whoever reads this....I dont think anyone actually reads this but to WHOMEVER it may concern, I have an announcement....


I am always cooped up in this apartment or at work doing what I semi love to do half of the time. It's like there is some kind of magnet hidden in these 80 year old walls that is keeping me sitting on my butt all day. Or maybe I won't blame my lackadaisical attitude on ancient architecture and just say that I am having a hard time motivating myself. I know I can take Mellie out or CLEAN  or go on a walk or work on this or that or a countless list of a million other things but I simply can't make myself do it. I don't know what my problem is but I am in a slump. I don't have any friends here to just be there for me or help motivate me. Basically I am just whining right now but I am so frustrated and yes so unmotivated to do anything about it! Is there a medicinal remedy for this? If so, someone please send it my way. I shouldn't be too hard to find. I am probably just sitting on my couch or at the kitchen table in my tiny, tiny apartment......If you have trouble just listen for my dogs ear piercingly ANNOYING bark, and you will surely find me! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 months and all's well

Today Ben and I have been married for two months! Yippee! And in a month and 2 days we will have been together for 6 years! HOLY COW! I can't even believe that. Ahh the good ol' days when we were only a blissful 16 years old, now 22 almost 23 with a dog, cat, rent and bills. Luckily marriage is still like an extended sleep over. I am not quite sick of him yet... ; ) Hopefully we got all of that out of our system the first 5 years of being together although I know, I know... living together is different and etc. We have had some good practice years. I will admit however that when we do get into an argument it is a little funny trying to get away from each other in our less than 400 sq. ft apartment. Sometimes I will lock myself in the bathroom...the term lock used loosely seeing as our bathroom door hardly closes, much less locks. If not the bathroom I will hide under the covers in a bedroom with doors that has windows....not very successful getting away. Luckily, we don't do that very often : )

Our First Picture
Almost 6 years later...

The pets are are doing....better...kind of. It is day to day with them. Somedays Mellie will be calm and and Lily will not be in the mood for a sister then the next day it's completely opposite. We have a pretty good system working though where we can keep them in separate rooms and neither is too unhappy. That aspect is a still a work in progress. They are sure cute though!

We are trying so hard!

Mellie loves going to the park and playing with friends. That is of course unless we bring her ball. Then she could care less about any other creature, human or canine. She also loves to go for walks around the reservoir. We recently found a huge field that we are dying to take her to. There were about 100 geese in this field the other day and we let her run free! It was amazing how her instincts kicked in right away. We will be taking a trip there in the near future so she can actually chase the ball farther than 20 ft. Oh and...someone had a birthday. She is now a big 1 year old!!

I ruv my ball 

Lily is adjusting just fine to her new home. She still loves her little playhouse or as we call it Fort Lilyhammer! She also loves laying on this little platform that sticks out of the futon, laying in the sink, and FINALLY laying in her bed! Her favorite toys are still milk caps and twisty ties. She makes kitty entertainment pretty affordable, unlike her sister, who goes through a toy a day!

I ruv my bed!

I would say we are settling in just fine here in New England. It has taken us...is taking us some time to get used to people's personalities and the attitude difference of the Bostonian but we are getting more tolerant. Work is really hard somedays if we don't go in really positive. It is easy to be brought down by other people's unhappiness and relentless need to COMPLAIN. It really is exhausting! If we go in remembering everything great about our own lives, with a positive attitude to begin with, it is extremely bearable. It's especially hard to do when we are tired. We are just not accustomed to being treated disrespectfully by people we hardly know. At least southerners wait until they know you to start treating you like crap. I guess everything really does move at a faster pace up here.

ALSO, I started a website. It is www.chelcyharrell.com. On there I have started another blog but that one is more geared towards discussing artsy things. I call it my "artist blog" for lack of a better term. check it out!

The most exciting news in our lives is that we are about to have visitors!!! We are so excited for our family and friends to see where we live and what we do everyday!! Ben's family is coming next week, followed by my family over Labor Day weekend and my Maw Maw and Paw Paw for my birthday! This week a few friends are in town or passing through the area. In a few weeks as well Emily Grace is moving here for school. It will be so nice to have more people here that we know. We have about 2 friends here and as much as we love spending time with each other, we get lonely. We are an odd pair and aren't really fond of the party scene whereas most people we have met here are. I am thinking that when school starts for Ben we will start meeting more people like us.

I really miss my family! I never realized how much I saw them, even when I lived in Oklahoma, until they were so far out of my reach. My whole extended family has always been really close but because of a lot of things going on lately, not only people growing up and going different directions, but many factors have pulled us apart. It makes me kind of sad...I know deep down everyone really loves and cares for each other. Like any family though, we have our rough times.

To my family: I love you all so much! I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thanks for being my best friends and my support for the last (almost) 23 years! Growing up I never kept friends for very long because I was always switching schools or my friends moved away or we just grew apart. You were always there for me and I can't even thank you enough. Thanks for all of the memories. For all of the family parties, Thanksgivings at grandmas when we would play outside even though it was freezing because it was "in or out", for the Christmases where all the girls opened at the same time because we knew we got the same gift in differing colors, for the trips to New Orleans - the homeland, where all of us crazy people originated, for the wonderful meals: red beans and rice, brown gravy and rice, popcorn shrimp grandma would take out of the oil with her bare hands, spaghetti Lord knows how many times a week, cousins sports games and concerts, Holy Family, grandmas old house, Maw Maw's old house, Bubba, weird boyfriends and girlfriends that came and went, for making up weird songs and dances, for playing pretend, for being scared of the stuffed animals at Maw Maw's, for Maw Maw yelling at us for swinging on the banister of the stairs or sitting on the arm of furniture, for saying "Alright, alright, alright HOO" at the end of Happy Birthday, crawfish boils, washers, for grandma putting vaseline in our noses when we were sick, saying "so-and-so's opening!!", grandma stepping on cockroaches with her bare feet, kissing and hugging people the first time you meet them, Uncle Dicky saying "Peace be with you" at anytime not in church, all of the laughing and crying and fights and hugs, the holidays, and the many more memories to come, thank you! I love you so much!

Now come visit me!!!! : )

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beaches are for tanning not swimming

Not much new to report. We have had a bit of fun hanging out with some new and old friends. Our friend Matt, who got us the job on the Spirit, has been graciously inviting us along on some outings with him and some of his friends. This has been really great for us. We actually feel like we sort of just maybe might have some friends. Overall, Matty is just a wonderful person and has been so kind to us helping us get out of our apartment a little bit...

For his birthday we went to Friday's for lunch and to the beach in Gloucester. It was a blast. But unlike beaches in the South, these beaches are not for swimming. Well, not for me! Some crazy New Englanders seem to think so but I humbly disagree. It was still a blast. We took lots of pictures and took in some beautiful staple Massachusetts sites!

The water is so blue! Nothing like The Gulf

Lucky people that live right on this beach.

Ok....these seagulls are HUGE! You might not be able to tell from the picture but trust me on this.

Tons of snails!

So apparently if you sing a really low note to snails, they come out!


Silly boys

The one and only Matthew Johnson! Thanks for being a great friend! 

Matty and Jessica, our driver and navigator to the beach.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life in Boston

People are always joking about Southern Hospitality vs. Rude Northerners and other such stereotypes: slow-paced vs fast-paced, hot vs cold, disgusting excuse for tea vs delicious sweet tea etc.

Well I have always been one to say that stereotypes exist for a reason! They didn't come out of nowhere. They aren't always racist, or bias, or sexist or not PC they are REAL! Stereotypes are basically an sometimes exaggerated generalization of a certain thing or people. I am here as living proof to tell you that the stereotypes about northerners are based in actual living breathing FACT called "The Massholes." (I didn't make that up. They call themselves that here...really??)

First of all, giving yourself a title as The Massholes doesn't make it okay to be rude. You can't just excuse yourself for your behavior because you have an official title for it. That is lame. 

Now that that is off of my chest....

It has been really difficult adjusting to how people move and function up here north of the mason-dixon line. My family considers Shreveport "the north" so I am basically feel like I am in the North Pole. Overall, people are solely worried about only themselves. They are focused on furthering their agenda. It is like no one else exists and they are unaware that other people might have something going on in their life too. People we haven't even met will just flat out be rude and/or order us around like we are less than them. WHAT!?! It is very hard not to stoop down to their level and just complain all the time. It becomes extremely exhausting being around negativity so often. Maybe it's because it is so cold in the winters. I will admit that being cold puts me in a bad mood sometimes. Or maybe it's because they are used to cold and right now it is hot and that puts them in a bad mood. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of spirituality in this part of the country. People don't have anything to believe in that is larger than themselves. They have nothing to live for therefore there is no point to life. But really life is good! It is so sad that so many people in our world don't realize that. I know people all over the country complain and are negative but I have never seen so many unhappy people in my life. A friend of mine who has lived here for a few years  now really deals with it well and I envy his ability to blow it off. His philosophy is that their unhappiness shouldn't effect his life. There is no need for him to break a sweat over someone else's problems. They don't really dislike you, but they take it out on everyone. Just because someone yells at me, doesn't mean they don't like me. They don't like themselves and they have to take it out on someone. It makes sense but it is so hard. When someone is rude to me and speaks to me disrespectfully I don't take to it well. My immediate response is to fight back, which apparently is a waste of time here.

I guess I will learn but it will definitely take some time and some re-evaluating my way of thinking and approach to each day. I can't keep going on upset everyday because I am offended my people's internal problems that they are taking out on the world. I really struggle between letting it go and fighting back. I have a bit of a pride issue when it comes to people mistreating me. I think "They can't get away with talking to me like that!" But really, it's not a battle between me and them. That's the hard thing for me to grasp. Where I am from, people aren't rude to you unless you did something to them and if they are snappy without cause, a lot of times you will get an explanation or apology...

...what a funky new world we are in. 

On a slighty different note, we have been a little bummed lately because we are realizing how hard it is to pursue what we love and pay the bills at the same time. We don't want to be professional waiters but we also don't want to be professional homeless people...At least Ben will be submerged in music once school starts. I really need to find some kind of outlet and path to begin doing what I love again and hopefully making the transition of it being a hobby to being my life and means to pay bills! But for now a singing/cocktail waitress will have to do!

Oh...and I will admit: ONE place has really good sweet tea. Shawn took us to a barbeque place in cambridge called Redbones Barbeque. It was delicious! I wonder if they sell mass quantities of sweet tea? 

This is work! It really is a blast working here. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Chapter

So apparently I am really bad at updating this...

3 new important changes in my life

1. I graduated college!
2. I am now Mrs. Chelcy Harrell
3. My wonderful husband and I live in Boston, Massachusetts...well Brighton, but Boston sounds cooler.

WOW! So much to catch up on! Since I really don't feel like typing too much right now here are a few pictures to help tell the story! : )

Walking down the aisle with dad. So excited to see Ben for the first time that day! I missed him!

Sand/Unity Ceremony

Yes, yes we will!!


Mr and Mrs Benjamin P Harrell

We did it!

I can't wait to get our pictures back

Yummy cake that I didn't eat...I have had dreams about this cake lol

1st dance! "Darling, je vous aime beaucoup"

Packing up the moving truck

Our trusty driver!

Me and Mel riding shotgun. She was a little drugged up...

Lil riding in the middle...she was really drugged up as well...

Thanks Massachusetts. But are you really welcoming...? Thats a whole different blog...

This took a week to unpack. Gross.



Mel and the futon!

Our lovely painting : )

Other side of the living room. The TV is now mounted on the wall.


Other side of the bedroom

So there we go!! A nice little photo tour of the new chapter in my life. It all still seems like a dream. It's hard to believe I am a married lady and living in Boston. So far this past month has been extremely enjoyable. Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with my blog, chronicling my new adventures!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Countdowns and lists:

...All my life consists of right now...

Graduation: 32 days
Wedding: 59 days EEK!

My list of things do is slowly diminshing

I have successfully crossed off at least 20 items from the wedding list and a few from the life list!

Directing One-Act - check
Millie Opened - check
Paid last month of rent - check
Holy week services - check

Yet to check off....
*Ben's recital
*Finding somewhere to live
*Finding a job
*Hiring a moving company
*Relay for Life
*Pushing Ben to get the music for the wedding done

...and various other minor detail things for the wedding such as writing the ceremony and vows! Those two things are the most important to the actual getting wed part and we have not written them yet! What?!

Though my list is still really big I am somewhat chipper thanks to the nice weather lately! I hope it sticks around for a little while. I have been in a really bad mood all week for some reason and that seems to be clearing up as well. Because of recent sad events occuring to a friend, I have gained a little perspective and decided that life is too short to be upset as much as I am! So as I continue counting down and crossing things off my lists I will try to do so a little more cheerfully!

I have also started reading a few new books. Wizard of Oz, The Red Tent , and The Power of Pain. All very good...


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

Well ok, fine we never were in Kansas but these crazy Oklahoma wind gusts have decided to blow us straight northeast to Boston! Ben has been accepted into the grad program for composition at Boston Conservatory. Shortly after the wedding we will be heading up north! I am really proud of him and really excited. The area is so beautiful and rich with history. I think it will be an amazing adventure. I wish June was already here. However, we do need these next few months to save up for a deposit because Boston is really expensive! We have found a few cute places. We just need to decide if we want to live in the outskirts in a bigger place for cheaper but deal with transportation or if we want to do the whole city thing and live in a sardine can for way too much a month. Either way, I am so excited to be near the ocean and most importantly near New York City! It is about a 4 hour drive from Boston to New York! It's just unfathomable to me that I can wake up one day and say to myself "Self, let's go see a Broadway show!" and hop on a bus and DO IT! I can audition and visit friends that live there. It will be so amazing! The main thing I am not looking forward to is the weather. I'm sure I will get used to the cold but I was not built to deal with snow and negative temperatures. I need to get some more sweaters. It will be really exciting to experience all the seasons and the changing of the seasons.

Now I just have to survive the next 40ish days of school before all of this becomes a reality. I can not wait! I really have been missing Ben a lot lately. We have both been busy and he has been spending a lot of time with friends which is fine, but when I get home from my ridiculous days I would like to have a little time with him and most of the time at least 3 people are over whether they were invited or not. I am ready for him to be there all the the time (although some married couples may say I will regret saying that. I am definitely ready to be done with school and Oklahoma and a variety of other mundane things from this stage of life. It is time for the next one. So Oklahoma winds, take me to away!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring ... ???

March 20, 2010

49 days until graduation

76 days until I am a wife

First day of spring with 7 inches of snow on the ground

60 degrees in Ben's house

Lily's 2nd birthday

Last day of last spring break

With the clock ticking away for the end of the school year and the beginning of married life, I am slowly getting everything done to make those two things happen. I spent spring break in Texas and got a substantial amount of wedding stuff done. I got my bridal portraits made on the Marcus High School stage and that was a blast! I found a lovely girl to do my hair and she did a fabulous job. My dress and shoes and jewelry all go together really nicely. I can't wait to get the pictures back. Slowly and surely I am chugging along to the finish line. Though the next 49 days will be slow, this week definitely flew by, as most weeks off of school do. Once Monday is here the rest of school with be a whirlwind of tasks to complete that may or may not get done that hold my release from this HELL HOLE called school in the palms of their evil hands. But I still have tonight and tomorrow and relax a little bit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stick a fork in me...

....IM DONE! No but really, all cutesy attention getting title's aside. I am so done with this state, this city, this school, these people! I can't stand it anymore. I don't know how I am going to survive the next 61 days. It seems like an eternity away. I don't care if I am being negative. Get over it or stop reading my blog...(I don't think anyone reads this anyway..hmmm)

I have never been this stressed or angry in my entire life. I can not seem to genuinely smile at anything for longer than a few minutes before I am mad at the entire world again. College is not the best time of your life. That is a lie. That is only true for the irresponsible crowd that wallows away their time drunk and high and not taking their careers seriously. I am over those people. How old are we??? 16??? Do your rich parents know they are throwing 100K away so you can be a beligerent idiot! I am sick of no one ever understanding me or being like me. I am sick of being different. Why can't I just make bad decisions and throw my life away and be ok with it? It seems to be what makes people happy these days. Why can't I treat people like crap and be ok with it? Better yet, Why can't I treat people crap and still have 5000 friends? Why can't I treat people NICELY and have friends? Am I that awful to be around?? I have dealt with this my whole life and it hurts so bad to always feel left out because you don't do what everyone else does and no one understands you. There is no way I am the only person like this in the world!!

I know I am a really good friend, at least I thought so, unless I am completely delusional. I am not asking for anything in return for being a good friend and I don't do nice things to get rewarded but my resources are depleted. I can't keep giving and giving and GIVING AND GIVING! I don't want money or things or gifts. I want someone to listen to me and BELIEVE me. I sometimes feel like one of my biggest fears in coming true. I have always been afraid that one day I will go crazy and no one will believe anything I say because I am just "crazy Chelcy" saying those crazy things again. I just feel so delusional! Am I making things up? Am I completely unaware of what is actually going on around me? I am going nuts here just trying to get through the days.......

who even knows if getting out of this place, this school, this apartment, will even help...it could go on forever. It is more likely that I am the problem rather than the rest of the world...the odds are definitely against me. It's about 5,999,999,999 to 1...

I don't want to try anymore. I don't want to talk anyone. I don't want to go to school. I don't want to do anything...I just want to run away with Ben to some perfect paradise and live happily ever after....I know I have a lot of blessing and am lucky to not be whatever starving creature in whatever unfortunate country but the fact is that was not my fate and I am have my own situation that I am dealing with now and I am upset. I am allowed to be upset inspite of how lucky I am in many ways and I am SICK of people telling me to "think of these people and their terrible situation. At least you aren't them" No, I am not, but I can still have feelings and no one can try to take those away from because they don't like how my feelings are effecting their day. Well those people can stop being selfish for 5 seconds and realize that things aren't just peachy keen in my life right now and that is OK. It doesn't have to always be sunshine and teddy bears because LIFE is not sunshine and teddy bears. Things suck. Without things sucking there can never be sunshine and teddy bears because we would never have a scale to judge what is good and what is bad.

So right now, things suck and I can't WAIT to be in rainbow kitty land with the rest of those that like to tell me to stop having emotions and just be postive.

On a lighter note, I have no idea how I am going to get to school, my dr. appt tomorrow, or work .... My car still is not starting...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Electronics Fail...

So I'm not sure if tectonic plates somehow effect electronics but there is no way this is coincidence....

(I'm not saying that my problems are equivalent to those dealing with these natural disasters)

1. My car is dead. Won't start...

2.My computer has 1,000,000 viruses.

3.My phone can not keep a charge for an entire day. (which sucks when I don't have a car)

4.I got in Ben's car to drive it to work because - see #1 - and the tire blew.

5.The printer I am trying to use in the computer lab just broke.

Technology hates me.

On a brighter note, we went to the dog park today with Mellie. The weather is starting to get a big springy! I hope it stays that way! Anyway, the dog park was a blast! Mel had so much fun and we got her to swim a little bit. She would run in to get her ball! At first it was just a paw, then two, then four, then all the way up to her chin! It was really cute! Soon she will be a little fish!

I also got to nap today with my cute little kitten! : )

Pretty good day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping a promise

So nothing really interestingly new or exciting to report! I am mainly trying to keep my blog updated. I said I would and I am sticking to it!

I don't know if this is new news but I am so ready for this wedding business to be over. I never wanted a wedding. I never dreamed of one. I just want to be married to the man I love. All of this formal traditional crap is just annoying and expensive! I am very grateful to those contributing but I wish there was an easier way to have my whole family be there and celebrate without all of this confusion. Oh well....94 days...BUT only 16 days until my bridal portraits and I just realized I don't have my shoes dyed, jewelry, a hairstyle picked out and I can't get ahold of my high school to see if I can do my photos there!!! I have a lot to do!!!

Millie stuff is also really stressful. The amount of choreography in the show is so intense and the amount of time I have to teach it is...well..lacking. C'est la vie du theatre!

I wish I had something positive to talk about. Most of the stuff I think of is something that is stressing me out (i.e. wedding, school, etc) or something that sucks (my computer having a plethora of viruses and my car not starting)....I probably should re-evaluate my outlook. It's just really hard right now when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but am still, in fact, IN the tunnel. And it is dark and cold and scary and stressful and there are lots of little spiders and rats crawling around and it smells like feces! But alas, there is a light. Maybe that will be my second goal with my blog. Not only to update it, but to include the positive things from the day.

Let's see:
*I am drinking really yummy juice called Peach Mangosteen Bliss
*Ben sent me a cute video of a kitten stuck behind a couch
*I get to see Ben in a few minutes : )


Eh...it's a start! Well anyway....off to Millie rehearsal!

A tout a l'heure!

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's been too long...

Hello all. I have neglected my blog for quite some time now and it is time to end this dry spell. I always find that I am calmer when I have time to let everything out via electronic journaling. So let's play catch up!

*I am getting married in 95 days
*I am graduating (THANK GOD) in 68 days
*I have a really cute puppy who is 7 months old named Melody aka Mellie (pictures below)
*Ben has interview/auditions at San Francisco Conservatory and Boston Conservatory and is awaiting admission decisions. We are pushing for San Fran!
*My two best friends are moving to San Francisco. One, (Neil) for Teach for America where he will be teaching in underfunded underpriviledged schools and figthing for equality in education. The other (Alyssa) will be joining the San Francisco cast of Wicked as ensemble/Elphaba understudy! So proud of my talented friends!
*My soon-to-be sister-in-law is pregnant and due October 11! I love that I will be an aunt. I never thought I would be considering I spent 15 years as an only child and it will take a while for my siblings (5 and 8) to have children!
*I am graduating in 68 days...did I mention that?
*I directed a song cycle "Homemade Fusion" by Kooman and Dimond for a new musical festival at school and it was a blast and really well received!
*I am currently choreographing Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Pollard and it is a BEAST! So fun but SOOO much dancing! I feel for the performers having to retain everything!
*I am directing a one-act Operetta that Ben is writing and having performed at his senior recital (April 10 8 p.m.) and I am really excited about it!
*The Saints won the superbowl! Very exciting for my family!

I think that is all of the major events that have happened and I promise I will keep this thing up-to-date! I will! I will! I will! I think I am more convincing myself but in any case expect more blogging! Now for some really cute pictures of the pup!

Ben and Mel the first day we got her. She threw up in Ben's pocket so he is wearing those fancy sweatpants!

Cute girl with her toy!

Me and the Mel Mel!

Wittle Baby!

Ben and Mel playing
Goofy pup

Not a puppy but still cute! She's getting big!

After falling in the pool

cutie girl

This is her a few weeks ago! She is 22 lbs. now