Monday, July 12, 2010

Beaches are for tanning not swimming

Not much new to report. We have had a bit of fun hanging out with some new and old friends. Our friend Matt, who got us the job on the Spirit, has been graciously inviting us along on some outings with him and some of his friends. This has been really great for us. We actually feel like we sort of just maybe might have some friends. Overall, Matty is just a wonderful person and has been so kind to us helping us get out of our apartment a little bit...

For his birthday we went to Friday's for lunch and to the beach in Gloucester. It was a blast. But unlike beaches in the South, these beaches are not for swimming. Well, not for me! Some crazy New Englanders seem to think so but I humbly disagree. It was still a blast. We took lots of pictures and took in some beautiful staple Massachusetts sites!

The water is so blue! Nothing like The Gulf

Lucky people that live right on this beach.

Ok....these seagulls are HUGE! You might not be able to tell from the picture but trust me on this.

Tons of snails!

So apparently if you sing a really low note to snails, they come out!


Silly boys

The one and only Matthew Johnson! Thanks for being a great friend! 

Matty and Jessica, our driver and navigator to the beach.


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