Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Countdowns and lists:

...All my life consists of right now...

Graduation: 32 days
Wedding: 59 days EEK!

My list of things do is slowly diminshing

I have successfully crossed off at least 20 items from the wedding list and a few from the life list!

Directing One-Act - check
Millie Opened - check
Paid last month of rent - check
Holy week services - check

Yet to check off....
*Ben's recital
*Finding somewhere to live
*Finding a job
*Hiring a moving company
*Relay for Life
*Pushing Ben to get the music for the wedding done

...and various other minor detail things for the wedding such as writing the ceremony and vows! Those two things are the most important to the actual getting wed part and we have not written them yet! What?!

Though my list is still really big I am somewhat chipper thanks to the nice weather lately! I hope it sticks around for a little while. I have been in a really bad mood all week for some reason and that seems to be clearing up as well. Because of recent sad events occuring to a friend, I have gained a little perspective and decided that life is too short to be upset as much as I am! So as I continue counting down and crossing things off my lists I will try to do so a little more cheerfully!

I have also started reading a few new books. Wizard of Oz, The Red Tent , and The Power of Pain. All very good...


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