Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping a promise

So nothing really interestingly new or exciting to report! I am mainly trying to keep my blog updated. I said I would and I am sticking to it!

I don't know if this is new news but I am so ready for this wedding business to be over. I never wanted a wedding. I never dreamed of one. I just want to be married to the man I love. All of this formal traditional crap is just annoying and expensive! I am very grateful to those contributing but I wish there was an easier way to have my whole family be there and celebrate without all of this confusion. Oh well....94 days...BUT only 16 days until my bridal portraits and I just realized I don't have my shoes dyed, jewelry, a hairstyle picked out and I can't get ahold of my high school to see if I can do my photos there!!! I have a lot to do!!!

Millie stuff is also really stressful. The amount of choreography in the show is so intense and the amount of time I have to teach it is...well..lacking. C'est la vie du theatre!

I wish I had something positive to talk about. Most of the stuff I think of is something that is stressing me out (i.e. wedding, school, etc) or something that sucks (my computer having a plethora of viruses and my car not starting)....I probably should re-evaluate my outlook. It's just really hard right now when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but am still, in fact, IN the tunnel. And it is dark and cold and scary and stressful and there are lots of little spiders and rats crawling around and it smells like feces! But alas, there is a light. Maybe that will be my second goal with my blog. Not only to update it, but to include the positive things from the day.

Let's see:
*I am drinking really yummy juice called Peach Mangosteen Bliss
*Ben sent me a cute video of a kitten stuck behind a couch
*I get to see Ben in a few minutes : )


Eh...it's a start! Well anyway....off to Millie rehearsal!

A tout a l'heure!

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