Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life in Boston

People are always joking about Southern Hospitality vs. Rude Northerners and other such stereotypes: slow-paced vs fast-paced, hot vs cold, disgusting excuse for tea vs delicious sweet tea etc.

Well I have always been one to say that stereotypes exist for a reason! They didn't come out of nowhere. They aren't always racist, or bias, or sexist or not PC they are REAL! Stereotypes are basically an sometimes exaggerated generalization of a certain thing or people. I am here as living proof to tell you that the stereotypes about northerners are based in actual living breathing FACT called "The Massholes." (I didn't make that up. They call themselves that here...really??)

First of all, giving yourself a title as The Massholes doesn't make it okay to be rude. You can't just excuse yourself for your behavior because you have an official title for it. That is lame. 

Now that that is off of my chest....

It has been really difficult adjusting to how people move and function up here north of the mason-dixon line. My family considers Shreveport "the north" so I am basically feel like I am in the North Pole. Overall, people are solely worried about only themselves. They are focused on furthering their agenda. It is like no one else exists and they are unaware that other people might have something going on in their life too. People we haven't even met will just flat out be rude and/or order us around like we are less than them. WHAT!?! It is very hard not to stoop down to their level and just complain all the time. It becomes extremely exhausting being around negativity so often. Maybe it's because it is so cold in the winters. I will admit that being cold puts me in a bad mood sometimes. Or maybe it's because they are used to cold and right now it is hot and that puts them in a bad mood. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of spirituality in this part of the country. People don't have anything to believe in that is larger than themselves. They have nothing to live for therefore there is no point to life. But really life is good! It is so sad that so many people in our world don't realize that. I know people all over the country complain and are negative but I have never seen so many unhappy people in my life. A friend of mine who has lived here for a few years  now really deals with it well and I envy his ability to blow it off. His philosophy is that their unhappiness shouldn't effect his life. There is no need for him to break a sweat over someone else's problems. They don't really dislike you, but they take it out on everyone. Just because someone yells at me, doesn't mean they don't like me. They don't like themselves and they have to take it out on someone. It makes sense but it is so hard. When someone is rude to me and speaks to me disrespectfully I don't take to it well. My immediate response is to fight back, which apparently is a waste of time here.

I guess I will learn but it will definitely take some time and some re-evaluating my way of thinking and approach to each day. I can't keep going on upset everyday because I am offended my people's internal problems that they are taking out on the world. I really struggle between letting it go and fighting back. I have a bit of a pride issue when it comes to people mistreating me. I think "They can't get away with talking to me like that!" But really, it's not a battle between me and them. That's the hard thing for me to grasp. Where I am from, people aren't rude to you unless you did something to them and if they are snappy without cause, a lot of times you will get an explanation or apology...

...what a funky new world we are in. 

On a slighty different note, we have been a little bummed lately because we are realizing how hard it is to pursue what we love and pay the bills at the same time. We don't want to be professional waiters but we also don't want to be professional homeless people...At least Ben will be submerged in music once school starts. I really need to find some kind of outlet and path to begin doing what I love again and hopefully making the transition of it being a hobby to being my life and means to pay bills! But for now a singing/cocktail waitress will have to do!

Oh...and I will admit: ONE place has really good sweet tea. Shawn took us to a barbeque place in cambridge called Redbones Barbeque. It was delicious! I wonder if they sell mass quantities of sweet tea? 

This is work! It really is a blast working here. 

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  1. Chelcy! I am so sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with all of that! It's the same way in Europe. Stereotypes are so funny. They really are all based on truth! I will pray for you guys to find some good Christian friends to lean on, and that things start looking up. I'm so glad that you love your job and I can't wait to see you guys! Let me know when you're in town:) love you both!