Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We will miss Tibbs

So this morning little Tibbs, that we found just a few days ago, died. Ever since we got him he was really weak and slept 90% of the time. We just got him eating and drinking a lot but I guess you always hear that they do really well right before they take a turn for the worse. I knew that this was a possibility because I had no idea what his condition was before we got him. He was clearly anemic and we knew that but we didn't plan on taking him to the vet until Friday. We were in Texas until Sunday and should've taken him on Monday but I guess should haves are irrelevant now. I am mad at myself because we went through so much to keep him alive but didn't take him to the vet as soon as possible. I guess if we ever find another little kitty we will know what to do then. He was a cuddly little guy and I will sure miss his company. At least if he was hurting he isn't anymore. Ben buried him in his backyard under a nice tree. Who knows last time we though we lost him he showed up in Ben's room. Maybe that will happen again. I really wish we would've been more proactive in saving this kitty's life. I guess one crazy cat is enough for Ben and me.
Here are some pics of him! We will miss you buddy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cute little surprise!

So Ben and I's friend, Jason came into town this week! We are having such a blast with him. He wrote a song making fun of Bro's and so him and Ben decided to make a music video to it! It has beena lot of fun and I never realized that I would use some stuff from on-camera class during my free time! It's crazy how education works. Anyway, we were filming one of the last scenes at Ben's front doorstep and for some reason Ben starts sawying "awww!" and waving to the ground. We were all thinking "What kind of improv is this?" Well it turns out that this PRECIOUS little baby kitten, no more than a month old, is walking on Ben's front porch. The poor baby is COVERED in fleas! I am talking hundreds upon hundreds of fleas. He is so tiny and clearly hasn't eaten that much. So, we lure him in with scraps of pepporoni! There is no way this kitty can stay in the house unless we give him a flea bath so....we did! You really aren't supposed to give kittens under 12 weeks flea baths but when it is either taking a risk of a little illness from flea bath or dying from lyme have to make a choice! This bath took about an hour! There were so many fleas on him ! Finally we took him out, because he was freezing and dried him off with a towel and eventually a hair dryer. He wasn't skiddish at all, just very happy to be dry and warm. We applied some flea drops on him that should hopefully get rid of the rest of them!

We have yet to come up with a solid name...I like Willow because its a tree name and Lily is a flower and they could be Willy and Lily. Ben isn't a fan....Ben thought Phil would be cute to have Phil and Lil like Rugrats. But, we are worried the names rhyme too much and it would be confusing. So we explored some others such as Bug (which I think will bring back bad memories) and Sunny (which is my personal favorite). We still don't know if we are going to keep him. After all we have been through I don't see how we could give him away. He is too cute!

While we deciding, here are some pictures to pass the time! : )

Ok we decided on Tibbs!! Yay for kitties!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Audition

Here goes.....

Another audition tonight for a show that completely doesn't fit my voice type! I keep thinking that if I am not a belter I will never get work so I have to force myseslf to go to these auditions and keep telling myself that I don't know what they are looking for.

I just get really psycho and mental and tell myself all these awful things
"I will never be cast bc I'm not a belter"
"My speaking voice doesn't match my look"
"I don't have a type so I will never be considered"

I just need to keep quieting these things so that I can gain confidence to be happy with what I have to offer. I am really sick of peope telling me I am a soprano and will never learn how to belt/mix. I know that I can! I know it is in there! I just need someone to help me bring it out...I have gotten several different opinions of how to do it and so far it alaways ends with people saying "Sometimes people just don't have the genes for it. It's something you are born with" Well NO! I don't believe that. I do to a certain extent but I also believe that things can be learned with hard work and determination. I think at this point I just need to figure it out on my own. I know what I am doing wrong and I just need to fix it by myself...

but for now, I will get ready for my audition for Rent tonight and hopefully find some sweet rocker attire for tonight!!