Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

Well ok, fine we never were in Kansas but these crazy Oklahoma wind gusts have decided to blow us straight northeast to Boston! Ben has been accepted into the grad program for composition at Boston Conservatory. Shortly after the wedding we will be heading up north! I am really proud of him and really excited. The area is so beautiful and rich with history. I think it will be an amazing adventure. I wish June was already here. However, we do need these next few months to save up for a deposit because Boston is really expensive! We have found a few cute places. We just need to decide if we want to live in the outskirts in a bigger place for cheaper but deal with transportation or if we want to do the whole city thing and live in a sardine can for way too much a month. Either way, I am so excited to be near the ocean and most importantly near New York City! It is about a 4 hour drive from Boston to New York! It's just unfathomable to me that I can wake up one day and say to myself "Self, let's go see a Broadway show!" and hop on a bus and DO IT! I can audition and visit friends that live there. It will be so amazing! The main thing I am not looking forward to is the weather. I'm sure I will get used to the cold but I was not built to deal with snow and negative temperatures. I need to get some more sweaters. It will be really exciting to experience all the seasons and the changing of the seasons.

Now I just have to survive the next 40ish days of school before all of this becomes a reality. I can not wait! I really have been missing Ben a lot lately. We have both been busy and he has been spending a lot of time with friends which is fine, but when I get home from my ridiculous days I would like to have a little time with him and most of the time at least 3 people are over whether they were invited or not. I am ready for him to be there all the the time (although some married couples may say I will regret saying that. I am definitely ready to be done with school and Oklahoma and a variety of other mundane things from this stage of life. It is time for the next one. So Oklahoma winds, take me to away!

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