Monday, June 28, 2010

New Chapter

So apparently I am really bad at updating this...

3 new important changes in my life

1. I graduated college!
2. I am now Mrs. Chelcy Harrell
3. My wonderful husband and I live in Boston, Massachusetts...well Brighton, but Boston sounds cooler.

WOW! So much to catch up on! Since I really don't feel like typing too much right now here are a few pictures to help tell the story! : )

Walking down the aisle with dad. So excited to see Ben for the first time that day! I missed him!

Sand/Unity Ceremony

Yes, yes we will!!


Mr and Mrs Benjamin P Harrell

We did it!

I can't wait to get our pictures back

Yummy cake that I didn't eat...I have had dreams about this cake lol

1st dance! "Darling, je vous aime beaucoup"

Packing up the moving truck

Our trusty driver!

Me and Mel riding shotgun. She was a little drugged up...

Lil riding in the middle...she was really drugged up as well...

Thanks Massachusetts. But are you really welcoming...? Thats a whole different blog...

This took a week to unpack. Gross.



Mel and the futon!

Our lovely painting : )

Other side of the living room. The TV is now mounted on the wall.


Other side of the bedroom

So there we go!! A nice little photo tour of the new chapter in my life. It all still seems like a dream. It's hard to believe I am a married lady and living in Boston. So far this past month has been extremely enjoyable. Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with my blog, chronicling my new adventures!

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