Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Worse weather, better attitude

Well it certainly is getting colder up here in the NORTH! I am about to experience the season of a lifetime. I'm not sure I am ready. I am also not sure there is any type of preparation for temperatures in the teens, freezing wind gusts, and tons of snow. So far, winter is holding off a little bit. Apparently, things have been pretty mild so far, seeing as it is the middle of December and we have hardly seen so much as a flurry around here! I am secretly excited for snow and will be a little upset if I don't have white Christmas in Boston! I have one in Texas last year!! 

I have been in a much better mood lately, which has been nice. I am not really sure why but things have been looking up. Maybe it's the overall joyful feeling that the Christmas season brings. Whatever it may be, I'm not complaining. However, I haven't been enjoying quite as much as I should be. I keep sleeping half the day away! I have been so tired lately. I feel a little useless only working a few shifts a week and not having much else to do. Somehow I still manage to be exhausted. I think it may be one of those things where I am over-sleeping which is having a negative effect. It also isn't great because I am so behind on a lot of things: project 365, bills, thank you notes from the wedding (oops), cleaning. Hmmm. I guess I should stop my extended sleeping hours and naps and get to work! It is really hard to get motivated with hardly 8 hours of light and gloomy skies. I think this is why people are so grumpy up here! hah! Luckily, I have come out of my grumpy spell and am just tired. I would really like to find another job. That is in the works right now but it hasn't really been a fruitful search.

Rent is officially starting up! We had auditions and now have an almost complete cast list. We have a get-together this week that I am really excited about. I can't wait to be involved in a show again. Although I really love the directing/choreographing side, I do really miss performing. Either way, I am glad to be back in a theatre. I am also excited to meet some more people close to my age with common interests. I only know a handful of people here and it gets a little lonely, as I have vividly expressed in recent blogs. I will probably write more about the auditions/casting experience on my other blog on my website (www.chelcyharrell.com) very soon. 

Ben is just about finished with finals and Christmas break starts soon for him. I am excited to see him more! I feel like I see him less than anyone else and I live with him! We got our tree up and our first presents underneath it. I can't wait for our first Christmas together. It will be special. As far as the animals go, not much has changed. They are still crazy and obnoxious but we love them so much!! They keep us smiling and they never cease to entertain us!

That is all for now. Ben just got home from school so I am going to spend some time with him and get off the computer!

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