Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Electronics Fail...

So I'm not sure if tectonic plates somehow effect electronics but there is no way this is coincidence....

(I'm not saying that my problems are equivalent to those dealing with these natural disasters)

1. My car is dead. Won't start...

2.My computer has 1,000,000 viruses.

3.My phone can not keep a charge for an entire day. (which sucks when I don't have a car)

4.I got in Ben's car to drive it to work because - see #1 - and the tire blew.

5.The printer I am trying to use in the computer lab just broke.

Technology hates me.

On a brighter note, we went to the dog park today with Mellie. The weather is starting to get a big springy! I hope it stays that way! Anyway, the dog park was a blast! Mel had so much fun and we got her to swim a little bit. She would run in to get her ball! At first it was just a paw, then two, then four, then all the way up to her chin! It was really cute! Soon she will be a little fish!

I also got to nap today with my cute little kitten! : )

Pretty good day!

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