Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 months and all's well

Today Ben and I have been married for two months! Yippee! And in a month and 2 days we will have been together for 6 years! HOLY COW! I can't even believe that. Ahh the good ol' days when we were only a blissful 16 years old, now 22 almost 23 with a dog, cat, rent and bills. Luckily marriage is still like an extended sleep over. I am not quite sick of him yet... ; ) Hopefully we got all of that out of our system the first 5 years of being together although I know, I know... living together is different and etc. We have had some good practice years. I will admit however that when we do get into an argument it is a little funny trying to get away from each other in our less than 400 sq. ft apartment. Sometimes I will lock myself in the bathroom...the term lock used loosely seeing as our bathroom door hardly closes, much less locks. If not the bathroom I will hide under the covers in a bedroom with doors that has windows....not very successful getting away. Luckily, we don't do that very often : )

Our First Picture
Almost 6 years later...

The pets are are doing....better...kind of. It is day to day with them. Somedays Mellie will be calm and and Lily will not be in the mood for a sister then the next day it's completely opposite. We have a pretty good system working though where we can keep them in separate rooms and neither is too unhappy. That aspect is a still a work in progress. They are sure cute though!

We are trying so hard!

Mellie loves going to the park and playing with friends. That is of course unless we bring her ball. Then she could care less about any other creature, human or canine. She also loves to go for walks around the reservoir. We recently found a huge field that we are dying to take her to. There were about 100 geese in this field the other day and we let her run free! It was amazing how her instincts kicked in right away. We will be taking a trip there in the near future so she can actually chase the ball farther than 20 ft. Oh and...someone had a birthday. She is now a big 1 year old!!

I ruv my ball 

Lily is adjusting just fine to her new home. She still loves her little playhouse or as we call it Fort Lilyhammer! She also loves laying on this little platform that sticks out of the futon, laying in the sink, and FINALLY laying in her bed! Her favorite toys are still milk caps and twisty ties. She makes kitty entertainment pretty affordable, unlike her sister, who goes through a toy a day!

I ruv my bed!

I would say we are settling in just fine here in New England. It has taken taking us some time to get used to people's personalities and the attitude difference of the Bostonian but we are getting more tolerant. Work is really hard somedays if we don't go in really positive. It is easy to be brought down by other people's unhappiness and relentless need to COMPLAIN. It really is exhausting! If we go in remembering everything great about our own lives, with a positive attitude to begin with, it is extremely bearable. It's especially hard to do when we are tired. We are just not accustomed to being treated disrespectfully by people we hardly know. At least southerners wait until they know you to start treating you like crap. I guess everything really does move at a faster pace up here.

ALSO, I started a website. It is On there I have started another blog but that one is more geared towards discussing artsy things. I call it my "artist blog" for lack of a better term. check it out!

The most exciting news in our lives is that we are about to have visitors!!! We are so excited for our family and friends to see where we live and what we do everyday!! Ben's family is coming next week, followed by my family over Labor Day weekend and my Maw Maw and Paw Paw for my birthday! This week a few friends are in town or passing through the area. In a few weeks as well Emily Grace is moving here for school. It will be so nice to have more people here that we know. We have about 2 friends here and as much as we love spending time with each other, we get lonely. We are an odd pair and aren't really fond of the party scene whereas most people we have met here are. I am thinking that when school starts for Ben we will start meeting more people like us.

I really miss my family! I never realized how much I saw them, even when I lived in Oklahoma, until they were so far out of my reach. My whole extended family has always been really close but because of a lot of things going on lately, not only people growing up and going different directions, but many factors have pulled us apart. It makes me kind of sad...I know deep down everyone really loves and cares for each other. Like any family though, we have our rough times.

To my family: I love you all so much! I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thanks for being my best friends and my support for the last (almost) 23 years! Growing up I never kept friends for very long because I was always switching schools or my friends moved away or we just grew apart. You were always there for me and I can't even thank you enough. Thanks for all of the memories. For all of the family parties, Thanksgivings at grandmas when we would play outside even though it was freezing because it was "in or out", for the Christmases where all the girls opened at the same time because we knew we got the same gift in differing colors, for the trips to New Orleans - the homeland, where all of us crazy people originated, for the wonderful meals: red beans and rice, brown gravy and rice, popcorn shrimp grandma would take out of the oil with her bare hands, spaghetti Lord knows how many times a week, cousins sports games and concerts, Holy Family, grandmas old house, Maw Maw's old house, Bubba, weird boyfriends and girlfriends that came and went, for making up weird songs and dances, for playing pretend, for being scared of the stuffed animals at Maw Maw's, for Maw Maw yelling at us for swinging on the banister of the stairs or sitting on the arm of furniture, for saying "Alright, alright, alright HOO" at the end of Happy Birthday, crawfish boils, washers, for grandma putting vaseline in our noses when we were sick, saying "so-and-so's opening!!", grandma stepping on cockroaches with her bare feet, kissing and hugging people the first time you meet them, Uncle Dicky saying "Peace be with you" at anytime not in church, all of the laughing and crying and fights and hugs, the holidays, and the many more memories to come, thank you! I love you so much!

Now come visit me!!!! : )

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  1. I am very happy for you. I am truly happy that you guys have come so far! Congrats on making it through 2 months of marriage. Those are the hardest to get through. I am glad you are getting used to Boston. Just keep being strong and all will turn out great. I am sure you will meet more people. You both are pretty social. Again, I am very happy for you guys!!