Saturday, May 30, 2009


So many decisions to make that I just flat out don't care about! I don't understand why in order to get married I have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on things I don't care about. Yes I care about getting married and being with Ben but that doesnt take spending 3000 on napkins. It's so silly! I can't even spend $20 on jeans! I am so cheap and I am just having a hard time swallowing all this. If I keep thinking that my wedding is a party I am throwing for my family to celebrate me and Ben's relationship and our future together. As long as I don't think about it as spending it on me I think I can get through it.

So...I spent all week looking for venues for the wedding. They were all great for different reasons! Of course 5 out of 6 didn't suck. It doesn't work like that. They all had different pros and cons! One was beautiful but too small to fit my enormous family! Another has the best view but awkward decorations that don't represent me and Ben. I have to make a decision soon because once June is booked we are screwed bc July is just too hot to be outside. Ahh! It's all a mess! Here are some pics of them. You will see how hard it is to choose!

This is Lantana Lodge in Pilot Point, Texas on Lake Ray Roberts it is absolutely beautiful! The ceremony would be at sunset on the Lake which is amazing!!!! But....

That is the decor of the Honeymoon suite....I mean I like Texas but not that much and....

This is the decor inside which isnt really a big deal because we really are never inside but...ahh I don't know.. am I being stupid worrying about the decorations inside?!

Next favorite is Relfections on Spring Creek in Plano!

aisle ^^^ alter ^^^


reception area --->

I love this place but the only thing keepig me from is that I love the lake view so much!!!!

Next...Wildwood Inn in Denton! It's really close and reallllly beautiful and accomadates some people in the rooms and has a beautiful suite that is my colors!!!!

Isnt that beautiful! But I would have to cut down my list to 120 at the MOST and really they only fit 100. I absolutely can't cut it down that much! I would rather not have it somewhere that is my absolute favorite and have everyone I love there!!

So there lies my confusion.....please I am open for any advice!!!

Also while I am on the topic of decisions.... I decided to audition for Last Five Years at The Pollard this weekend instead of watching the Tony's. Really it shouldn't be a hard decision but I just feel dumb auditioning against a bunch of belters. I know that belting doesn't matter does. Hopefully the experience will be so GREAT that I don't regret auditioning for something I'm not even good for instead of watching the ONLY THING I CARE ABOUT ON TV!!!!! Hopefully someone will tape it! And hopefully auditioning will be worth it...lately I just don't feel talented..I was hoping my acting would make up for the singing but I don't know if that will work. I wonder if sometimes I have a skewed idea of my talent from being in a political department for the past three years...anyway...enough negativity for one post!! My career life could be a whole other post haha. That's all for now....

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  1. From one crazy fiancee to another: Breathe. ;)

    You aren't crazy for worrying about the indoor decorations. A lot of a wedding or any party is atmosphere. If everything is going to be outside--then unless your hotel block is there there won't be too much to worry about. Don't worry about what the one place's Honeymoon suite looks like--Why not stay at another hotel nearby for that night?

    Or, use your #2 place, and take bridals/day after portraits with Ben there? and then stay at hotel #3? ;)

    Wildwood is beautiful--but it doesn't have the capacity--don't do it. I know for my Fiancee and I that it is SO hard to deliniate who is family and who is friend--so we didn't want to and refused to. We found a space that could accomodate our guest list(we're inviting 170).